Wednesday, June 24, 2020

1 Makes its First Test Trips

Line car 1 went out on the line for the first time yesterday evening. It performed beautifully. So beautifully in fact, we couldn't resist a second trip. We made periodic stops for photos and videos to document the trip and I'll share the best of mine below and add any of Galen's once I get them from him.
At 128 years young, 1 represents a doubling of our running work car fleet and we're looking forward to it joining S193 in service once we tie up loose end. This was its first ever trip down our main line as it has sat in storage since it came to us from Trolleyville in 2009. We're not sure when it last ran at its former home, but 2005 would have been the latest as that's when they closed their doors. For having spent 15 years in dead storage, its in amazing shape. We'll look to make a few minor tweaks in the interim, but at this time we're delighted to say it can take our volunteers out for a few trips this coming Saturday.

Outbound at Hancock Siding

At Newberry Siding, before turning around to head in (railway is closed past this point due to heat sagging in the overhead wire, SC&ET worked hard in yesterday's heat but wasn't able to defeat all of the issues, we wish some better weather for them on their next work day)

Departing Newberry Siding inbound

Inbound next to the semaphores

Passing Woods Barn inbound

Inbound by Woods Barn

Crossing Borrup Road

On North Road Curve

With the newly repaired Isle of Safety

In the yard with 4 and S193

Off to bed

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