Saturday, July 27, 2019

Line Car 1 Brought to the Shop

The crew spent a large part of today switching cars around. Car 65 has been temporarily put into storage so line car 1 can visit the shop for inspection. The line car will be reviewed as part of the Trolley Care Program next week. Today's initial quick physical inspection was positive. Car 3100 is back outside the shop as Chris Perry will be spending the next week with us to work on it. New Jersey Transit PCC 15 has been moved up to the track outside Northern Barn where the Operations Department will work on striping and repainting both the exterior and the interior. Finally, the box car was shifted further down the loop track to allow the SC&ET Department access to the overhead for repairs.

Line car 1 is in the shop and its tarp has been removed

Motormen Aiden Nies and Owen Dalton have painted 836's floor, which was much needed and is highly appreciated.
836's new floor paint