Sunday, October 28, 2018

The new steel for 3001 has finally arrived and John has been working on the west end framing. Fred continues to work on cleaning up components, including the lightening arrestor and more roof domes.

New steel in 3001

Bruce and Rex have been at work on the motor hatches in 65. They are being leveled to give a safe walking surface inside the car. The car has been cleaned out some more and most of the grab irons have been reinstalled.

Kelly is working on rebuilding some trolley catchers that she and Galen came across while seeking parts for 65. Having a few working spares on hand will make things easier if one of the operating cars needs a replacement.

Disassembled Wilson trolley catcher

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cleaning up and Windows in

Car 65 received some further cleaning up inside. Most of the items that were being stored in the car have been moved to their proper homes. All of the clerestory windows are now installed. The power line to the east end is in place and the car is now movable from both ends. Some further investigation is required, as only two of the four motors are being engaged by the east end controller.

Progress inside of 65

S193 is also receiving some attention courtesy of Tim Baisley and his daughter Lily. They have replaced a few windows and have begun preparing the car for a fresh coat of paint.

Lily works on S193's window (photo by Tim Baisley)