Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Flash of Light

Late yesterday afternoon Operations reported that 1326's west end controller emitted 'a big flash of light' as they were bringing it home. The car was put in the back of the barn and tagged as out of service pending further investigation.

Galen and Kelly were both in for other reasons, Rails to the Darkside clean up and operating respectively, so decided to take a quick look and see if the source of the problem was immediately evident. It was.

Kelly opened the controller and was confronted by the sight of arching damage to the segments.

This was traced to a finger on the reverser barrel that was not making proper contact. Galen removed this finger and bent it back into shape while Kelly gave the controller a good cleaning. The east end controller also got a quick cleaning while they had the car out of service. 1326 was delivered back to Operations by mid-afternoon, all damages repaired.

More images of the damage resulting from the bent finger.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

355 Beautification

After almost a year, the shop has finally gotten 355 back for some much needed cosmetic work.
During the week, John came in and resprayed the yellow on both ends, covering the grey primer patches the car sported throughout the operating season. Today, it was time for detail work. Fred fully repainted both bumpers, then touched up the remaining black paint on the car. John touched up white paint. Kelly touched up yellow and red while Lucian began a complete repainting of the floor. Shannon polished brass details.