Saturday, June 29, 2019

Lots of Fresh Paint

A couple of weeks ago we were happy to host an United Way Day of Caring group of systems engineers from Pratt and Whitney. Among other things, they got some painting done on 18. They touched up the sides where John and Steve completed the patch panels and added fresh stripping to the ends.

Completed patches and new paint

The Operations Department has jumped on to helping out with improving the appearance of the operating fleet. They have started with 1326. Operations Manager Justin Chasse and Chief Motorman Roger Pierson touched up paint on the sides and added the missing striping and number to the south side. Motormen Aiden Nies and Owen Dalton repainted the floor.

1326's newly added number and stripes

 Owen at work on the floor of 1326 (photo credit Aiden Nies)

Finished floor in 1326

Work also continues on 3001. The armatures from motors 1 and 2 have been sent out for rewinding. The field coils have been removed from the motor casings. The end caps and gear cases have been cleaned.

Adam, Brian, and Galen work on removing field coils

Lou and Galen work on separating field coils

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