Saturday, June 8, 2019

3001's East End Truck Further Disassembled & Back to Work on 18

Today the crew jumped right back into working on disassembling 3001's east end truck. Galen cut out the stubborn bolt holding motor 2 in place and it was removed. The truck was rolled outside and, with help from Tim and the Pettibone, the frame was lifted off the axles and placed on supports in preparation for sand blasting. The crew, Galen, Adam, Lou, and Brian, completed some further disassembly on the truck, removing the brake shoes and other details. They also removed the armatures and brush holders from motors 1 and 2. Elsewhere, Fred continued working on preparing interior pieces for refinishing while John worked on a door mechanism.

Tim lowers the truck onto supports using the Pettibone

Lou works on disassembling the truck

Motors 1 and 2 are partially disassembled

Fred works on removing old paint from an interior piece

18 was moved back into place outside the shop so work could continue. Kelly and John finished welding the last patch panel on the south side. Then Kelly did the first patch on the north side. Both patches got a coat of primer to keep them from rusting.

John works on 18

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