In 2010, car 1326 was vandalized while it was in storage in Woods Barn. Thieves tore copper and brass fittings off of the car, causing many times their worth in damage. After an intensive restoration that began in the fall of 2012, car 1326 returned to service on October 1, 2016.

Number and stripes added to south side on east end. June 2019

Floor repainted. June 2019

At North Road Station after first trip on four motors. July 2017

Forth motor back from repair. June 2017

Car is turned over to Operations after the first trip and waits at North Road Station to continue work. October 2016

Having reached Wells Road the crew prepares to turn the car.
Left to right: Wil, Kelly, and Matt. October 2016

John looks for clearance to depart on the first trip. October 2016

Pulling out of the barn for the first passenger trip. October 2016

John cuts the ribbon while the crew watches. October 2016

Ready for the unveiling. October 2016

Interior before the unveiling. October 2016

Ready for final testing before returning to service. September 2016

Freshly painted floor. September 2016

Moves under its own power for the first time. June 2016

Ready for motor test trip. June 2016

Pole installed. June 2016

Trolley bases being installed. June 2016

Galen and John remove a motor for work. May 2016

Motor successfully closed. April 2016

John heats a stubborn hinge. April 2016

Galen and John work on a motor. April 2016

West end primed. July 2015

New canvas roof stretching. July 2015

Ceiling painted. October 2014

Interior. October 2014

Rubber roofing membrane installed. October 2014

At rest in the shop. May 2013

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