Sunday, September 22, 2019

OPs Progress on 15

The Operations Department continues to work on PCC 15, removing old paint and putting on a fresh coat of protective primer.

Chief Motorman Roger Pierson pauses while applying fresh paint to 15 (Ryan Trombly photo)

Motorman Sully Mrowka works on removing old paint from 15 (Ryan Trombly photo)

Fall maintenance has begun for the operating fleet. Kelly and Adam cared for car 836 then jumped up to the shop to help Galen and Rob Brogle with 5645. These two cars are now ready for the special events season. Galen, John, and Rob repaired a damaged brake beam on 5645 yesterday. Car 1326 is back in the shop with more motor gearing issues. It will be out of service for several weeks while the repair is made and additional preventative actions are taken. Maintenance work for the fleet will continue next weekend.

The first armature for car 3001 has returned from refurbishment.

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