Saturday, August 3, 2019

Work Begins on Line Car

Work began on line car 1 today as part of the Trolley Care Program. Galen and Kelly were joined by Steve, Harrison, Adam, and Larry. The first goal of the day was to remove the coal stove from the car to allow the motor access hatch to open That completed, the motor leads were separated and the motors tested. Unfortunately, both motors showed indications of being wet, so drying efforts are in progress. The motors will be tested again in a few weeks to see how the drying is progressing. The crew was able to hook up the car to power using a bug and confirm that the interior lights work.
The old roof boards and cleats were removed along with the remains of the canvas roof. A new, durable roll roof will be installed on the car. Several of the cleats will be replaced and all new roof boards will be used.

Harrison and Steve remove the last pieces of old roof

The lights are on

Chris is working on replacing west end steel in 3100. The car is on jacks to facilitate this work.

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