Sunday, May 12, 2019

Six Happy Cars

The shop was happy to release car 4 into service after a successful test trip first thing Saturday morning. We then turned our attention to car 16 and, after some minor brake stand and air governor work, were able to release the car to operations mid-afternoon, bringing the active fleet to its full six cars. Both cars ran for members after the annual meeting and we heard a lot of positive feedback from motormen delighted to have two of their favorite cars back. Car 65 is now back in the shop where it waits for additional interior work. Diesel 1 is being surface prepped and primed and will hopefully be back outside the shop this coming week wearing all new primer.

President Rob Brogle and Assistant Chief Motorman Ryan Trombly picked up a wire and air pipe donation and delivered it to the shop in the afternoon with assistance from Don Nordell. These supplies will be used for 3001, 18, and 169. At the annual meeting, we were delighted to learn that we've won a $50,000 grant from the Connecticut DECD for the restoration of car 3001. We send them our thanks. Major funding for the restoration is now complete.

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