Sunday, February 17, 2019

Winterfest 2019

The shop crew would like to extend their thanks to the New York Museum of Transportation (NYMT) for hosting Winterfest 2019, the annual get together of the northeast trolley museums, and the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum (RGV) for letting us visit during the event. Galen, John, Kelly, and Brian traveled out to Rochester for the event where they joined President Rob Brogle, Chairman Tim Lesniak, and Operations Manager Justin Chasse. We all had a great time. Some photo highlights are below and we encourage you to consider visiting (though we recommend you wait for a bit warmer weather). We're looking forward to hosting everyone next year.

Car 168 at the end of NYMT's line

We all fell in love with NYMT's plow

RGV's locomotive at the connection to NYTM's line

Restoration of Rochester Subway car 60 at RGV. The project is similar to 3001, but with a larger car.

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