Sunday, April 29, 2018

Priming and Welding

The majority of 169's east end platform is now wearing a fresh coat of primer. Bruce has removed the pocket door and is in the process of cleaning it up. The door was sticking, so the sliding mechanism will be examined before the door is reinstalled.

169's east end platform sports new primer

169's east end door is cleaning up nicely

Larry primed 18's doors yesterday and Galen began repainting the roof. Meanwhile, John gave Kelly her first welding lesson and the side of the locomotive now bears its first steel patch where the side had rotted out.

18's east end door primed

18's south side prepped for weld

 18's first patch panel is in place

Pat has removed the troublesome starter from the auger truck. A rebuilt or new starter should be installed next weekend to get the truck back up and running for the SC&ET department. The truck is used to create holes for setting new telephone poles along the line to support the overhead wire.

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