Sunday, May 12, 2019

Six Happy Cars

The shop was happy to release car 4 into service after a successful test trip first thing Saturday morning. We then turned our attention to car 16 and, after some minor brake stand and air governor work, were able to release the car to operations mid-afternoon, bringing the active fleet to its full six cars. Both cars ran for members after the annual meeting and we heard a lot of positive feedback from motormen delighted to have two of their favorite cars back. Car 65 is now back in the shop where it waits for additional interior work. Diesel 1 is being surface prepped and primed and will hopefully be back outside the shop this coming week wearing all new primer.

President Rob Brogle and Assistant Chief Motorman Ryan Trombly picked up a wire and air pipe donation and delivered it to the shop in the afternoon with assistance from Don Nordell. These supplies will be used for 3001, 18, and 169. At the annual meeting, we were delighted to learn that we've won a $50,000 grant from the Connecticut DECD for the restoration of car 3001. We send them our thanks. Major funding for the restoration is now complete.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

We are happy to report that car 355 has been released to operations for service for the year. Car 4 should be released next weekend. A minor issue was discovered with an armature and was repaired yesterday by Galen. The repair will cure this week and be tested next Saturday. Thanks to Katy, Adam, Anthony, Larry, John, and Galen for helping me out with finishing off maintenance and dealing with the typical opening hiccups. Katy learned how to rebuild trolley catchers. We now have car 16 in the shop so we can locate the source of its air system issues.

Diesel 1 is all back together and running. It remains in the shop for its protection until it gets a new coat of paint. With this work done, John is finally able to return to working on car 3001.

Diesel 1 is back together

John works on installing a patch panel on 3001's side

Adam was able to complete the organization of the primary machine tooling box. He will be tackling cleanup of of the Bridgeport and Cincinnati milling machines.

The next Trolley Care Day will be June 1st. We will be swapping trucks on car 3001.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

2019 Trolley Care Program Begins

We were happy to welcome Lou and Steve to the museum for Trolley Care yesterday. We also had relatively new shop member Jeff and returning participants Adam, Katy, and Wil on hand. Adam and Katy worked on car 16 with Galen while Kelly walked Jeff, Lou, and Steve through basic maintenance with car 355. While we were unable to get either car completed and into service, a good time was had by all and a lot of work was performed. Lou stayed into the afternoon and helped Kelly get S193 ready for the year.

Adam has accepted the challenge of cleaning up the shop's machine tooling and better organizing that work area to improve our efficiency. He will be inventorying and inspecting tooling during the coming months.

John is making progress reassembling Diesel 1 and had Anthony helping him for the day. We hope to have the locomotive back in service soon.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Getting Ready for Opening Day

Spring maintenance has begun for operating fleet and 836, 1326, and 5645 are ready to go for opening day thanks to Adam, Katy, Wil, Jayden, Galen, and Kelly. Maintenance will continue next weekend with the start of the 2019 Trolley Care Program. All are welcome to come and learn how to care for the cars. The day stars at 8:30AM and runs to 1PM, including the provided lunch.

5645 visits the shop as the first car to receive maintenance this year

We installed some of our new segments from Westfield Technical Academy into 1326.

3 new segments in 1326

John is putting the diesel back together after its much needed maintenance. The water pump has been rebuilt, the motor generator has been serviced, and the fuel system has been cleaned. We send our thanks to Terry Snider for helping us out by pressing the impeller back onto the water pump shaft at his shop as part of the rebuild.

The hood is back on the diesel

Diesel 1's engine compartment is looking much better

Anthony joined us for the first time and worked on patching the Case loader's bucket. Its coming out very nicely and we hope to see him again soon.

One of the new patches on the Case's bucket (both sides done)

Saturday, March 9, 2019

1500 Progress

Kelly, Wil, Jeff P, Jayden, Adam, and Jeff K have been at work in the Northern (1500). The hallway wall visible from the viewing platform through the kitchen window is almost completely free of varnish. The upper varnished areas in the stateroom are also being cleaned up.

Wil working in hallway. Photo- Gina Alimberti

Hallway is cleaning up

Jeff working in stateroom

Kelly working in stateroom. Photo- Gina Alimberti

Stateroom varnish removal progress

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Winterfest 2019

The shop crew would like to extend their thanks to the New York Museum of Transportation (NYMT) for hosting Winterfest 2019, the annual get together of the northeast trolley museums, and the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum (RGV) for letting us visit during the event. Galen, John, Kelly, and Brian traveled out to Rochester for the event where they joined President Rob Brogle, Chairman Tim Lesniak, and Operations Manager Justin Chasse. We all had a great time. Some photo highlights are below and we encourage you to consider visiting (though we recommend you wait for a bit warmer weather). We're looking forward to hosting everyone next year.

Car 168 at the end of NYMT's line

We all fell in love with NYMT's plow

RGV's locomotive at the connection to NYTM's line

Restoration of Rochester Subway car 60 at RGV. The project is similar to 3001, but with a larger car.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Recreating the Past

The car shop would like to thank the students and staff of the Manufacturing Technology program at Westfield Technical Academy. They have been hard at work on some controller segments for our cars. Taking an unused, original segment, they reverse engineered it. They then created a prototype out of aluminum for us to test fit. Once that was proved out and minor countersink issues were resolved, they began creating real segments out of the correct copper material we provided. We received our first segment and test fitted it yesterday. It looks great! Thank you for all of your hard work and we look forward to working with you on our next controller project!

Left to right: Original, prototype, new

New segment test fitted into 1326

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Diesel 1 Apart

John has been hard at work on diesel 1. The hood as been removed as well as the radiator. This allows us access to the water pump and fuel system, both of which need work. These repairs will keep the locomotive, critical piece of work equipment for the museum, in running condition.

Hood as been removed from the body and rests on a stand

Close up of the diesel's exposed engine