Sunday, November 5, 2017

How straight is the trolley?

Now that all the window frame repairs have been completed and 3001 is structurally sound, John is checking how straight the car is. After running a line from middle of one end of the car body to the other, he compared the measurements to a line marking the middle of the frame from end to end. It turns out that the car has an approximately 3/4 inch twist from one end of the body to the other. This isn't all too bad. We'll try to to remove some of this twisting by pulling the body back into shape with come-alongs, taking appropriate measures to ensure we don't build up damaging stresses in the body panels.

A brightly color string marks the middle of 3001's body. This marking was brought down the frame using a square and compared to the frames mid-point to determine twist.

Meanwhile, Kelly is cleaning up the various components of 3001's controller. The controller will be repainted and re-insulated as needed before it is rewired and reassembled. The rest of the team continues work on 169, removing old paint and repairing damaged woodwork.

An original builder's photo of 3001 has been located in the library. We have decided to return the car to its original two door configuration.

John has also been working on 2600's line switch. Installation has begun and the car will be back in service in time for Winterfest.

2600's line switch waits for installation

Saturday, October 21, 2017

All Shored Up

John has made fantastic progress and 3001's window frames are now all patched, returning structural integrity to the car. This has allowed us to remove the cross bracing from the car. The car's lettering has also been traced so it can be accurately reproduced at the end of the restoration.

169 has gotten a lot of attention from the team. Fred, Paul, Rex, and Kelly scraped old paint and varnish from the car. Bruce began repairs to the front window frame.

New trim piece in place above 169's clerestory

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Trim Repair

Much work was accomplished on 169 yesterday. Bruce and Paul fitted up replacement roof trim pieces. We welcomed Rex to the shop and he and Fred worked on removing paint from the walls, dasher, and ceiling of the east end platform. Fred removed the breaker box from the ceiling and began the process of cleaning it. The missing section of the anti-climber was located at the rear of the top shelf on storage rack behind the car. Paul began the process of removing paint from the underside of the roof. Bruce worked on reshaping the anti-climber's metal covering (damaged by some past accident) with assistance from Rex. Kelly and Wil joined in the work late in the afternoon, completing some more paint removal.

John continues replacing rusted out window frame steel on 3001. The east end controller is now stripped of all interior components besides the blow out coil.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

East End Platform Primed

The shop hosted two Scout tour groups yesterday.

John has replaced several more window supports in 3001. He's also almost done hand removing the 265 rivets from the sides of the car, a slow and time consuming process.

Kelly and Wil made great progress with the disassembly of 3001's east end controller. It is now largely apart. It will receive a fresh coat of paint and new wires prior to reassembly.

Fall maintenance is complete for the entirety of operating fleet. John will be bringing 2600 down to Kelly Barn during the week and 355 will take a break in the shop during Pumpkin Patch and Rails to the Darkside which begin on Friday.

The wooden portion of 169's east end anti-climber has been installed. Bruce applied a coat of primer to it and the platform floor.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Window Posts

Steel work is progressing on 3001. Seven window posts have been repaired so far. This is a tedious and time consuming process.



169's bumper was also worked on yesterday, being heated and reshaped to better fit the repaired car body. The bumper was deformed at some point in the car's history due to an accident.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bumper Fit Up and More Maintenance

Bruce has completed the repairs to the wooden portion of 169's east end anti-climber. The bumper is in the process of being test fitted so a slot can be cut in the platform frame for the tow bar.

Fred finished the last of the painting on 2600's floor. He and Paul spent some quality time with paint scrappers working on 169.

John continues steel work on 3001.

Kelly, Adam, Jim, and Wil worked on maintenance, completing cars 1326, 5645, and 355.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Maintenance, Painting, and Motor Testing

Larry and Kelly began the round of fall maintenance yesterday completing cars 836 and 16. Car 836 has already traveled almost 1,000 miles on the line this year, despite being out of service for over a month for extended maintenance in the spring. Car 16 went out for a test trip in the afternoon, running on three motors. This gives the car more pep, once it reaches parallel, which will be beneficial when the car is pressed into service as the cast car for Rails to the Darkside next month. We are still debating repairing the inoperable fourth motor as it is a multi-thousand dollar fix. The car likely needs extensive truck work as well which could become expensive and time consuming.

A sure sign of fall's impending arrival- a woolly bear caterpillar was found between the rails of track two just outside Kelly Barn. We moved it to the foliage on the far side of the parking lot after its photo op.

Fred and Paul worked on giving 2600's floor a fresh coat of paint.

John continues steel work on 3001, removing old rivets. The shop will be attempting hot riveting next year as body work on the car continues.

Galen and Kelly MEG'd 169's motors. The west end unit tests fine while the east end indicates that it is wet. Once the east end is dried, we will likely have two working motors on the car. The truck was checked and found to be in tram. The car will need an entirely new wiring harness before it could ever run.  Although the car is intended to primarily be a show piece, we'd love to see it run it on special occasions.

169's primed east end bumper