Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Car 3001 Winter Update

 A lot has happened in the shop during the Winter to Connecticut Company Car 3001.

To start, all of the cars motors now have new bearings manufactured and attached.

The new bearing on the motor

An example of the new bearing

The shop has also rebuilt the motor field coils and soldered new leads to the coils. 

Newly wired Motor Field Coil

The cars journal boxes have been rewelded and newly fitted shims have been manufactured for them.

Newly Welded Journal Boxes

Shim inserted into the journal box

A shim in process of being created

The motor cases for the car have also been cleaned and the pinion and commutator mounts have been created to be attached to the motor case.

Cleaned Motorcase

Pinion and Commutator mounts to be put on the motor case

Finally, the West end truck of 3001 has been put back into Tram by heating the metal to be bent back into place.

West end truck back into tram

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