Saturday, February 8, 2020

Fleet is Ready for Cabin Fever Guests

Today we performed inspections on cars 4 and 355 and they are now ready to run for our Cabin Fever guests next weekend. 355's air governor got an adjustment as it had drifted out of range. We also did some switching in front of Northern Barn which will allow us to treat our guests to a very special car if the weather allows. Jayden got to run the diesel for the first time as part of the maneuvers.

Lou spots the box car trucks as they're moved down the hill. Galen Semprebon photo

Jayden remodeled and drafted the segment Westfield Technical Academy reverse engineered for us last year. Wil 3D printed it and it was successfully test fitted in 1326 today.

Prototype segment. Wil Gambardella photo

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