Sunday, November 25, 2018

65 Takes its First Trip Down the Line in Over 20 Years

65 has seen some important physical touches put in place over the past two weeks. The last grab iron was installed, a door was refitted, tack stripping was installed to hold the roof membrane in place, and the repaired motor hatches were leveled to the floor. All this meant the crew was able to take the car out on a test trip down the line. Galen, Kelly, and Wil were joined on the car by Chief Motorman Roger Pierson and motorman Ryan Trombly photographed the event. This was car 65's first trip down the line in over 20 years. The car performed beautifully with only a few minor issues noted as needing work, such as the west end whistle not functioning. When the car returned to the yard, the crew hauled its seats out of storage and placed them in the car in preparation for them to be installed over the coming weekends. Once the seats are in place, we will be able to test the heaters. The crew is short 3 bench cushions for the car. A temporary solution will be devised.

65 at North Road curve prior to departing for testing
Photo: Ryan Trombly

Test crew at Wells Road after a successful outbound trip
Left to Right: Wil, Roger, Kelly, and Galen
Photo: Ryan Trombly

65 inbound by Skylark Airport
Photo: Ryan Trombly

65 inbound leaving Hancock Siding
Photo: Ryan Trombly

Heading outbound on 65 as the car is brought to full speed for testing
Video: Wil Gambardella

Seats placed in 65

John has been at work on Diesel 1 and one area of the locomotive now has fresh primer. The crew decided the diesel will be painted red, leaving the frame black.

Diesel 1 is being primed

Car 16 has been designated out of service until spring. As the car does not have heat, it is experiencing issues with its air system freezing due to the cold weather.

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