Sunday, May 7, 2017

Window Work

Progress continues on 836. Fred has completed scraping the metal window sills. Here it can be seen where John has primed the area with dark red Rust-Oleum. Fred and Kelly have begun prep sanding the wooden window frames. These will also receive a fresh coat of paint before the car returns to service. John and Bruce have mostly finished the woodwork for the replacement window section. Both plan on milling quarter-round molding during the week to finish that section, plus replace damaged pieces on other windows.

Galen has mostly finished giving 18 a protective coating of green paint. He was work left to do on the roof.

5645's motor is back from repair. Once work is complete on 836, 5645 will be brought to the shop so the motor can be installed. The shop will also do some other work on the car while we have it. With the installation of the motor, 5645 will be back on all 4 motors for the first time in about a year.

We're also happy to share that we have a new welder. This will greatly ease the work on 3001. Pat and Kelly both got a MIG welding lesson from John while he was repairing the backhoe's bucket yesterday. Welding lessons will continue throughout the spring and summer to expand the shop crew's skill base. The new welder can also support stick welding, for heavier duty projects.

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